Bath and Shower Beauty Care

Experience the difference of our natural handmade soap bars. Bath and Shower Beauty Care soap bars are handmade from scratch (not the melt on your stove kind). Have you ever tried soap that makes your skin feel dry? Try one of our Natural Soaps or Natural Soap LOGS, strangely for soap, they even seem moisturizing. You will love the soft lather of our natural soaps. Bath and Shower Beauty Care handmade vegetable soap contains NO: Animal Products, Detergents, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, SLS, or similar substances. They are made with base ingredients of vegetable oils including: olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil and canola. Soap bars may contain the addition of essential oils, fragrance, herbs, botanicals and color. Each is approximately 4 oz.

Milk Soaps and Milk Soap LOGS are a real luxury. They are handmade with the base ingredients of goats milk, or butter milk, and vegetable oils including: olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil and canola oil. Each bar is approximately 4 oz.

Love glycerin soap, but do not feel that it is necessary to purchase decorative soaps. The Transparent Soaps and Transparent Soap LOGS are great bath and hand bars to match your bathroom; or kitchen decor in your favorite fragrances.

The Decorative Handcrafted Soap Bars and LOGS are artistic creations in soap and make a great gift idea, or a fun way to brighten up your home.
Here is Bath and Shower Beauty Care’s selection of children’s Kids Soap Each of Bath and Shower Beauty Care children’s bath products comes with a fun toy inside each product. They come in fun fragrances such as Bubble Gum, Candy and Watermelon.

Receive a piece of bulk soap. Bath and Shower Beauty Care specialty Soap Wheels are made in impressive 10 Pound rounds of soap. You will receive a chunk of soap from the round that weights approximately 3.5 oz. packaged in a cello bag with a label.
Bath and Shower Beauty Care hope you will enjoy our non-greasy Body Lotion base. Contains vegetable oils and plant extracts including: sunflower oil, jojoba oil, soya lecithin, aloe vera and vitamin E.

The Solid Lotion Bars are designed to melt when rubbed on your skin. They are made with plant butters including cocoa butter and shea butter, along with plant waxes, beeswax, herbal extracts and fine vegetable and essential oils. Similar to a balm, they are a concentated blend useful for those really dry spots like your feet, elbows and maybe even your legs.

Note: Due to the melting nature of this product, during the hot summer months (end of June – beginning of September) we are unable to guarantee that this item will arrive in the same condition that it was sent.

Fun Body Scrubs in some of your favorite scents. They are made with a base of white sugar, fine sea salt, vegetable glycerin, sunflower and canola oils, color and scents. Available in 8oz jars.

Bath and Shower Beauty Care beautiful Bath Salts contain no colors only ground or powdered herbs. Each type is loaded with vegetable glycerin and includes a wonderful blend of oils, herbs, scents and essential oils. Add a couple of tablespoons in our bath and enjoy. Epsom Salts are a classic favorite addition for your bath. Mineral baths with gently soften your bath water for a wonderful luxurious bath. Both available in 8oz jars.

One of the finest ways to relax and pamper yourself is to indulge in a soothing Milk Bath. They gently soften your bath water for a wonderful luxurious bath. Each milk bath comes packaged in a large recyclable muslin bag for you to use with each bath. Each bag is approximately 250g, and is good for 8 – 10 baths.

Bubble Bath with a twist, our bubbling Bath Powder includes botanicals, milk, essential oils, extra soothing butters and water softening sea salts. Sold in 8oz jars.

Bring the gifts of nature in your own home. Drop one Herbal Tea Bag in your next bath and enjoy. Leave the bath bag in your bath for maximum results. Each blend comes with 3 individual tea bags. Contents of each bag are included in case of allergies.

Drop one Fizzing Bath Bomb into your full bath water. Watch them bubble and fizz in in your bath. Contains: soda bicarbonate, citric acid, glycerin, fragrance and essential oils.
Treat your skin to our facial line. Each product has been created to be included in our total facial care system. For extra mildness, none of Bath and Shower Beauty Care Facial Care products contain any synthetic fragrances. Only essential oils, herbs and floral waters are used for their skin care properties and gentle scent. Also included are variety of facial accessories. Bath and Shower Beauty Care shampoos have been created using herbs and essential oils chosen for your Hair Care. And treat your feet. Each product has been created to be included in our total Foot Care system. Try a at-home foot spa treatment. Bubbling Bath Gel is great to use as a shower gel and/or bubble bath. Each bubble bath comes in a 4oz or 8oz bottle and available in several scents.
Bath and Shower Beauty Care Bath Oils have nothing in common with mineral oil-based products. Bath and Shower Beauty Care natural oil formula contains the latest ingredients such as cold-pressed plant oils, phospholipids, vitamins, herbal oils and essential oils. Bath and Shower Beauty Care Fragrance Spritzers are available in a large selection of fragrances. Great to use as a gentle body scent; or try spraying some in the air to liven up any room. Available in several scents. Bath and Shower Beauty Care offer Fragrance Spritzers in 1.7 oz. size.
Natural Massage Oils are not only gentle to your skin, but the addition of plant extracts, fine oils, vitamins and essential oils make them a real luxury. The flip top lid allows you to only use as much as you need. Apply to the skin and begin to massage in. Nut oil free.