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Common Pregnancy Worries and What you Should be Aware of

The world receives millions of babies every year, and the majority are born healthy and in full term. Even with the probability of having a healthy baby in a safe way growing higher each year, moms-to-be still worry everything about the birth and development of a baby.
There are a lot of uncertainties when one is expecting a baby, especially if it is their first time. Childbirth is a major event and having these feeling is common in parents. The answer for most of your worries is that the wrongs are very unlikely to happen, plus there are also remedies for most of the fears. Below are some of the everyday concerns and what you need to be aware of.

Will my Baby Have a Birth Defect?

A high percentage of pregnant women have birth defects as their primary concern. You can compare the feeling of unwrapping a gift—you are excited that you have a gift, but you don’t know what is wrapped inside. The number of babies born with defects is very low, plus most of the defects are not life-threatening. Expectant mothers can help reduce the chances of these birth defects through proper dieting and getting regular testing and scans during pregnancy.

Will I be a Good Parent?

Another major worry that most parents have is whether they will be able to care for the baby in the best ways. For the busy mothers who have to go to work after the maternal leave, the greatest worry is whether they will have enough time for the baby. Babies need a lot of attention, especially when they start crawling around due to the high possibility of harming themselves. Parents can overcome this fear through the use of baby monitors. This gadget has a camera and a camera to enable parents to monitor the baby remotely.

Could I Have Harmed the Foetus before I Knew I was Pregnant?

There are some habits that the doctor will advise you to avoid when you are pregnant, mostly smoking and alcohol. Most expectant mothers can freak out if they think that they engaged in these activities before they knew they were pregnant. Alcohol crosses from the mother to the foetus through the placenta and can cause mental retardation and behavioural problems when the child is born. Smoking, on the other hand, increases the risk of miscarrying and giving birth to a stillborn. You should not be worried if you had one or two drinks, but it is best to avoid alcohol and cigarettes after realising you are pregnant.