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Hair damage is spreading like an epidemic

Many African-American women have or are currently experiencing hair loss. Obvious hair damage is spreading like an epidemic and we may be the cause of it. Wearing trendy styles such as pigtails, micro braids and bonding glue weaves may not be such a good idea if worn frequently or if the person doing your hair is “Tracey from up the street” who may or may not be appropriately trained to style and care for hair.

Licensed cosmetologists who specialize in growth are the best candidates to have caring for your hair. Reason being, they know that braiding hair in an extremely tight fashion causes the nerves within the scalp to die thus creating spilt ends. This can result to patches or a receding hairline effect. Tight braids may last longer but is it worth looking like a middle aged man? If you decide to use glue, the beautician should shield your hair with a cap and while using gel, spritz your hair and put you under the dryer to harden the substances. After the hardening process comes to an end, the beautician will then glue on the hair. Most beauticians will recommend you see them to remove the hair or you can simply wash it out using a glue removing shampoo instead of ripping it out of your hair.

Women sometimes find themselves so stuck on do-it-yourself methods that they end up damaging their hair until nothing is left or hiding it under weaves because of the damage caused. Sometimes hair is damaged to the point in which we can no longer wear some of the styles we are accustomed to, fearing our bald spots will show or having to wear bangs to cover the receding hairline we now possess.

When visiting a new beautician, look for signs to see if the beautician specializes in hair care and growth as opposed to ripping you and your hair off.

Sign #1: Are the women in the salon just getting weaves put in? If so what are they trying to hide or cover up?

Sign #2: Do any of the beautician’s clients have healthy hair or any of their own hair at all?

Sign #3: Look around (including at the beautician). Are you the only person with natural hair in the salon? Your answer to these questions should determine whether or not you should find an alternative salon.

Moreover, hair needs to be moisturized. It’s like a plant. In order for it to grow, the soil needs to be moist. In this case the soil is your scalp. Unlike a plant. You don’t need to expose your hair to the sun. The sun’s UV rays can damage your hair making it dry and brittle.

Hair coloring can also be damaging. Those do-it yourself kits may be convenient, but not always the right choice. Coloring is better left to the professionals who will make sure the color is flattering to your skin tone even creating a color that suits you while ensuring that the process is done right. Colored hair needs special care and time. This type of hair needs to be moisturized at all times. If you fail to do this, your hair will become weak and break off leaving you wonder why your hair isn’t growing.

Have you ever heard the old wives tale; in order for your hair to grow, you need to trim your ends? Like most of myths, this is false. Hair grows from the roots and not the ends. Once the hair has grown out of the scalp it’s considered dead. Trimmed ends are recommended because it gives your hair a manicured look.

Sometimes hair loss is due to a disorder, stress, illness, hereditary, wearing your hair in the same style frequently, or just plain neglect. If you can help it, break the cycle! These trendy styles are great to wear but you need to let your hair rest frequently and let a professional give it a good treatment and wash.