Skin Care Tips

So you have decided that your face needs a lift, not necessarily of the surgical kind. Well keep reading; there are some great tips for keeping your skin in good shape and looking healthy. Let’s start with the basics, drink a lot of water each day. This helps your body get rid of toxins that can lead to bad looking skin. It also hydrates your body, which helps keep your skin looking smooth.

Do not smoke, this adds to premature aging, because smoking narrows the blood cells that deliver nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body, including the biggest part of the body, which is your skin. It also causes wrinkles around the mouth.

Next you need to avoid exposure to the sun. If you must go in the sun wear a sun block. Sun prematurely ages your skin, causing age spots and wrinkles, and it can cause skin cancer. Lying in a tanning bed is no better than lying in the sun. If you must have a tan, get one out of a bottle or a spray tan.

We will concentrate on face care, because it is the most seen part of your anatomy, besides legs and arms. When we say face we mean all the way down to the decollate. With your face everything you use should be gentle. Look for soaps that are natural and do not use chemicals. Keeping your face clean is a major part of healthy skin. Choose a gentle cleansing product for everyday cleansing, which should be done twice a day.

A facial scrub will clean the dead skin off of your face. This will also keep your skin smooth and radiant looking. Use of a facial masque is great for toning, deep cleaning your pores, as well as for moisturizing. There are different masques on the market and each one is for a different need, choose what you need. The masques can be used two to three times a week, follow the directions on the packaging.

Moisturizers are great for dry skin, or aging skin. As we age we lose the elasticity from our skin; and the oil glands do not work as efficiently, so we have to replace that moisture loss. There are moisturizers on the market that are good and others that are not so good. Look for moisturizers that are of natural content with no harsh chemicals. Some target the eyes and others target the rest of the face. You should get both.

The eye area is very delicate and as you age the skin gets thinner and dryer, you will need to use a gentler moisturizer on the eye area. You should moisturize with your morning care routine and your bedtime routine. This should include moisturizing the lips as well with a lip lotion or cream.

Toners are good to help keep pores clean and looking small. They tend to open as we age and this makes the skin have a bad texture. When you buy a toner do not get one with alcohol in it. Alcohol is bad for your skin.

Let’s talk makeup. Go natural. There are several natural makeup lines out now. Find on that does not include talc. This kind of makeup is beneficial to your skin. It does not block pores, and looks natural on your skin. Research the products that interest you and then try before you buy. Choose what looks and feels best on your skin.

Your hands need special care as well. There are good hand lotions available, use a brand that will stay on your hands and apply frequently throughout the day. Hands can show age even if your face does not. Age spots and chipped and broken fingernails are not a good thing. There are special products to moisturize your fingernails and cuticles. There are also nail hardeners to protect your nails from chipping and breakage.

The rest of the skin on your body needs care just like your face does. There are body scrubs to clean away dead skin, moisturizing body soaps and moisturizers that you should use after each shower and whenever else you feel it necessary especially if you have dry skin. Special care should be given to the legs and arms to keep them supple and moisturized.

Last but not least a few tips for the feet. Keep your feet free of calluses by using a foot file and applying good moisturizers morning and night. At night you can apply a moisturizer, and then put a pair of socks on and sleep in them. The foot and hand waxes are also good for your feet, in keeping them smooth and soft.

Now you can go shopping and get all of the things you need to keep your skin good looking and healthy!