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5 Daily Duties of a Beauty Salon Owner

As an owner of a beauty salon, it is imperative you understand your roles. For your business to grow its profitability you have to be a professional. A great focus should be given to finer details that make clients happy. You have to offer the best services, advice, as well as ensuring your marketing skills are impeccable. This kind of work is interesting but also calls for great commitment. As an owner of a salon, I understand this too well that’s why I plan my day in a certain order.

1. Cleaning and sanitizing.

This should always rank first. This consists of cleaning the floors, arranging the towels, sterilizing the cutting equipment etcetera. I have to ensure that cleanliness is top notch to avoid client cross contamination. Cleaning is every minute chore since it must be done after every client. Due to this nature, it is imperative I subdivide the responsibility among my employees.

2. Book and welcome clients.

The customer is king. With this in mind, I have a great responsibility of booking and welcoming the clients. I have to be warm and professional in my approach. I Enquire from the clients the services they want for the day and personally introduce them to the professional who will attend to them. I Make sure I do a follow-up to ensure that the client is comfortable.

3. Taking care of the extras.

For the customers to be happy I have to go an extra mile. I have to ensure that the extras that come with certain services are rendered. For example, I have to ensure that the WIFI is up and running, the snacks stock is replenished and the magazines are available. Some services are also offered as extras, so I have to make sure they are offered. An example is examining a client’s scalp for any infections and damages. This is performed with preciseness so as get the best results. Apart from the normal fluorescent lighting, we use my Fenix PD35 LED Flashlight with an adjustable beam for extra lighting.

4. Handling of clients’ complaints.

Complaints always arise and it’s my duty to see to it that they are handled well. Even the best professionals have few random complaints from their clients. A lot of professionalism and maturity are needed here. You have to make wise decisions that will leave the customer satisfied and employee happy. There should be a way of meeting high expectations from different clients.

5. Closing duties.

After all is done, we have to close the day. Closing duties are so important. They always determine the workload that will be there in the morning. I have to ensure that the sales are balanced, the daily wages are paid where applicable, and final dusting is done. I also have to ensure that all the essential equipments are in a good condition and are unplugged from power. Incidentally, as I unplug some from power, others like my LED flash light need some charging. I have to make sure that the lights are off and the premise is well locked.