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5 no-nos when it comes to keeping it in prime condition

There are lots of things you can do to maintain healthy hair. Here are 5 no-nos when it comes to keeping it in prime condition.

  • Frequent home coloring: it’s counterproductive to skip a visit to the salon in order to color your own hair. Home-coloring kits are often harsher on your hair than what you’ll get in the salon and how to be sure you’ll hit on the right color? You’re better off visiting your stylist—your hair will thank you for it!
  • Styling wet hair: will it really set you back to give an extra ten minutes to your hair? Never blow-dry, brush or apply styling products to wet hair. Blowing wet hair dry leeches moisture from your locks and brushing it wet breaks it. Most stylists advise to towel-dry wet hair until it is just damp, then blow-dry and apply your products.
  • Product overkill: everyone has their favorite products, but some of us just have too many of them! Layering on the styling agents and/or conditioners will only dull your hair and cut down your chances of having a shiny mane. Use the bare minimum and spend your hard-earned dollars on products recommended by your salon.
  • Hair in the sun: No matter how good it feels to have a sunbath, this is the last thing your hair needs. Excessive sun exposure, especially in warmer months, will leave your hair drier and more brittle. If wearing a hat is not for you, apply UV-protection products and condition more frequently.
  • Fast food: eating junk food is putting yourself on the fast track to dull, lifeless hair. Like your skin, your hair is a reflection of what you eat. Substitute those empty calories with tasty nuts, berries and fresh fruits and vegetables—it’ll show!

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