Latorretta Dellago Resort and Spa resort and spa Clearly I have too much of it

Clearly I have too much of it

I wear makeup just about every day so why dont I use it up, lol! Clearly I have too much of it

Heres what I used up and whether it worth buying again.

  • Obey Your Body Hand & Body Lotion Pump in scent La Femme: Quite a while ago, meaning over a year, I allowed myself to be accosted by one of the Israeli guys in a pushcart at the mall selling Obey Your Body, an Israeli Dead Sea Minerals skincare line. In addition to leaving with a handful of skincare samples, I let myself be talked into buying a pump bottle of the body lotion. Truth be told, I loooooove the scent of this lightweight, non-greasy, silky lotion, La Femme. I have no idea how to describe the fragrance because its a strange scent. You will definitely think Ive lost my mind if I say it smells sort of like St. Joseph Aspirin for Children but, trust me, its a good smell. I would like to buy more of it for the scent alone, but its out-of-stock and they dont have any contact info other than a phone number. I may try calling but I think they probably discontinued the scent and replaced it with Ocean and Kiwi. Since Id be buying this lotion primarily for the scent, I dont want to try the new ones. On sale for $28 with free shipping.
  • Coui Super C Vitamin C Serum: This is about the third bottle of Coui Super C Vitamin C that I have finished. Its one of my absolute favorite C serums. Its not too thin and not too thick. It has almost no scent, but if I had to describe it, Id say faint citrus maybe. It helps brighten my skin and has helped fade my sun damage (though I still have some dark spots but theyre less visible). It contains a lot of good stuff: Vitamin C + Hydrolyzed Collagen + Marine Kelp + Hyaluronic acid + EGF + antioxidants. Its priced at $28.95 on Amazon. I already have another bottle of Coui Super C waiting in the wings.
  • CVS Biotin 5000 mcg capsules: I am a true believer in biotin. It is the only thing that really keeps my nails from peeling, cracking and breaking. It took a long time for biotin to start working (like more than 3 months), but once it started to work it doesnt stop. I take at least 5000 mcg/day. I bought these capsules at CVS. I started with little biotin pills from Appearex that really were overpriced and didnt have enough biotin in them. They were discontinued, and its probably a good thing. I dont know if it matters what brand you take as long as it is legitimate. Ive heard some scary things lately about private label supplements so I hope these capsules from CVS are the real deal. I bought this during a BOGO so I have another one on hand.
  • Castelbel Laranja (Orange) Soap from Portugal: For some women, bar soap is out of fashion. Not so for me. I love me a good bar soap, especially one that smells good. When Jeff and I went to visit his daughter who was studying in Seville Spain a couple of years ago, we stopped on the way in Lisbon for 24 hours and tried to see and do as much as possible in that short time. On our way back to the hotel after visiting the Alcazar, I popped into a store and I bought a few gorgeous bars of triple-milled, fragranced soap to give as gifts and to keep for myself. Portugal is known for their soap. The orange soap was smelled fabulous and it lasted in my shower for several months. I have another one of a different scent waiting for me. Castelbel soaps are sold in gift shops and on Amazon for about $12-13.
  • Rodan + Fields Redefine Moisturizer AM & PM (part of the Redefine kit): I received these two deluxe sample size jars for review back in January. It was my first foray into Rodan + Fields product line, and I must admit I liked them a lot. If I were not trying out another brand, I would consider repurchasing them. They were especially perfect for winter, very hydrating.
  • NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy: I received this terrific eye treatment gel for review. It is formulated to stimulate the production of collagen to help minimize the look of crow’s feet, deflate under eye puffiness, and help build and plump the eye area. About the only problem I dont have is under eye puffiness, so I used this treatment on my crows feet and on the loose skin above my crease. Ive been using the deluxe sample size (about 2/3 of the   regular size pump) for about 2 months. I do not expect anything to turn back the hands of time for me. But it did soften the look of my crows feet and it helped contour my eye area. I will either purchase this product, or try the Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour that is specifically made for my key eye concern. Price $82 for full size of the NeoStrata Eye Therapy, 0.5 oz. but it seems to be on sale for $42 through the link above or in the widget below

So have you tried any of these products? What did you finish up last month?