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Finding the ideal hair stylist

How many of us have walked out of the salon wishing we had a hat to cover up the damage? It’s not often that we find a hairstylist that gives us the cut of our dreams or the color that matches our skin type to a T.

Here are few pointers for finding the ideal hair stylist and colorist:

    • Word-of-mouth: the best source of advice are people you trust. If someone has a great cut, ask them who their stylist is and try them out for yourself.
    • Online: look at feedback forums or rating system sites if you’re nervous about trying someone for the first time. This will give you the pros and cons before you step foot in the salon.

A good stylist should have the following qualities:

  • Good listener: hair disaster often happen because of a lack of communication—either the stylist isn’t listening to what the client wants, or the client isn’t letting the stylist in on her needs. This is a relationship, so there should be an exchange.
  • Open-minded: Your stylist should be open to new ideas, and not always embark on what they want just because they are good at it.
  • Up with the times: A good stylist should be up on the latest trends and cuts. He/she should also be able to tell in the wink of an eye if your facial features will suit a certain cut or style.
  • Experience: An experienced stylist knows better than the client what will look best on you. He or she doesn’t need to have decades of experience, but a few years helps.
  • Ambience: You should feel comfortable in the salon. This means that it should be a clean environment with welcoming and serviceable staff. If you don’t feel ‘at home’, chances are you won’t be getting what you came in for.

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